Webinar series: Leadership Strategies for Uncertain Times: Talent Management

It’s well established that talent is the most valuable asset in project-based organizations – after all, this is how they make money. Top performing firms work hard to optimize this talent in order to drive growth and profitability, while enhancing service delivery. For example, consider the following:

  • Leaders who optimize talent have billable utilization rates 9% higher than those that do not (75.7% vs. 69.2%). This benefits adds up to 130 additional billable hours per year per consultant!
  • PSOs that use Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions average 36% higher prof than those that do not (15.3% vs. 11.3%)

In this executive webinar, Part 2 of our series “Professional Services Leadership Strategies in Uncertain Times”, Service Performance Insight and SAGlobal will highlight what leading firms are doing to optimize their talent in order to drive higher growth and profitability levels, increase client satisfaction, and build greater employee loyalty.


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