Leaders vs. Laggards – Where Does Your Firm Fit?

Part 3: Be a Leader Through Superior Project Execution

Part 1:

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A professional services organization’s (PSO’s) ability to successfully deliver on-time and on-budget projects can have a significant impact not only on client satisfaction, but also on the profitability of the firm. Leading firms have adopted practices that are helping them more consistently deliver quality services and add value to their clients. But what exactly separates these leaders from the rest of the pack?

Watch the second installment, Be a Leader Through Superior Project Execution of our SPI series, where Dave Hofferberth of SPI Research will present key industry benchmark data and reveal the real keys to becoming a leader in this category. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The far-reaching impacts of successful project delivery to a PSO’s business performance
  • How key performance metrics like on-time delivery, project overrun, and project margin differ for leaders vs. laggards
  • What top performing PSOs (the leaders) are doing differently to optimize service delivery
  • How Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 PSA solution can help position your firm as a leader

Stay tuned for the 4th and final installment of our Leaders vs. Laggards series coming up on November 13, 2018, with the topic: Be Leader Through Improved Financial Management. Register today for this exciting webcast. And if you missed Parts 1 or 2 of Leaders vs. Laggards, you can watch them here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your firm be a leader in its market!


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