Leaders vs. Laggards – Where Does Your Firm Fit?

Part 4: Be a Leader Through Improved Financial Management

Part 1:

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Watch Now

Please watch the fourth and final installment of our service industries webinar series “Leaders vs. Laggards – Be a Leader Through Improved Financial Management”. Hear from Dave Hofferberth, Founder and Managing Director of Service Performance Insight, where he’ll highlight:

  • What top performing PSOs do differently in managing their financials to optimize growth, revenue and profits.
  • What are the right strategies and KPIs to drive performance and profits higher.
  • See a demonstration of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 solution that can help you optimize your firm’s financial management practices.

While professional services executives focus on all aspects of their organization, they must always keep an eye on their bottom line. Key industry research shows that PSOs that maintain strong financials are much better positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities. For example, consider:

  • High-performing firms are twice as profitable as lower performing firms (EBITDA of 22.6% vs. 11.6%).
  • High-performing firms have over 90% of their employee base as billable resources and generate much higher profits (19% vs 12%) than their peers.
  • High-performing firms more consistently use Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions and grow 7% faster and have 25% higher profit margins than their peers.

Watch now to learn how to position your firm to optimize its financial management practices and put your firm on a path to higher growth and profits! If you were not able to attend any one of the webinars in this four-part series, they may be accessed here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your firm be a leader in its market!


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