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Understand which industry trends and professional services organization pains and challenges are top-of-mind for Microsoft and what solution offerings we are bringing to market.

Professional services organizations are highly diverse in the range of services that they deliver, but all share an intense focus on cultivating trusted advisor relationships and fostering long-term repeat business with profitable clients. To meet this objective and deliver steady fee growth, practice directors must invest in the right thought leadership—timely and distinctive expertise that attracts new clients and sets the firm apart in the marketplace.

That means recruiting and developing the right talent—a challenge compounded by the fact that the best and brightest professionals may leave for a competitor or for industry the moment that firm growth falters or professional development opportunities wane.

Operationally, professional services organizations and their practice leaders have to walk a tightrope to balance assigning the right people to the right client service engagements with making sure that the firm delivers predictable services and profitable results.

Even with the right portfolio of clients and outstanding talent, financial success isn’t always guaranteed. Leadership must also set and communicate targets, report on progress, and drive continuous improvement in leading and lagging indicators of performance.

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