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    Designed just for your business vs Built.

Architecture & Engineering

Today’s Architecture and Engineering (AE) firms face unique challenges, from finding new ways to win work, to successfully delivering complex client projects, to attracting and hiring the best possible talent. To succeed in this environment, firms need a business application platform that not only meets the specialized needs of the AE industry, but also helps to drive productivity, collaboration, and real-time insights across their business.


Construction firms and contractors are even more inherently complex than their AE counterparts. Aligning to difficult contract structures, overseeing complex networks of subcontractors, and managing the litany of project risks that exist in these demanding projects all place unique demands on today’s construction firms and contractors.

AEC360: Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Built on the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, AEC360 is a comprehensive suite of business applications that was purpose-built to provide today’s AEC firms with a 360-degree view of their business. AEC360 offers an integrated platform for marketing and business development (CRM), project and financial management (ERP), and human capital management (HCM), all designed to meet the unique needs of AEC firms.

AEC360 combines the power of the Microsoft cloud with pre-configured functionality for AEC firms to help our clients win more work, optimize project and resource management, streamline back office accounting processes, and find, hire, and retain the talent that’s critical to differentiating your firm from the competition.

AEC Industry Solutions

Our Proof Points

  • Braun Intertec
  • National Technical Systems
  • Mesa Associates
  • Novum Structure

The Time is Now for Digital Transformation in Your A/E/C Firm

The Time is Now for Digital Transformation in Your A/E/C Firm

It has been said that your organization can either drive digital transformation, or digital transformation will happen to you. Clearly, a more proactive stance on this matter is ideal.

But what exactly is a “digital transformation”, and why is it so critical to today’s architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) firms? This brief whitepaper will introduce you to the concept of digital transformation, provide specific examples of how A/E/C firms can use technology to transform their business, and describe how Microsoft is leading the way in helping A/E/C firms drive these critical digital transformation initiatives.

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