• Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference

Microsoft Dynamics + Legal360: Changing the Way Law Firms Think About CRM

Integrated ERM, Business Development & Marketing Platform

February 27, 2019 | 9AM PT / 12PM ET
Presenting :Whit McIsaac and Wendy Feldman

In the increasingly competitive legal industry, law firms of all sizes are redoubling their efforts to both protect their existing client base and accelerate new client acquisition. Unfortunately, most CRM initiatives that law firms have undertaken to support these objectives have mostly missed the mark.

Recently, the playing field has changed, and with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Legal360, a radically different approach is now available to support the unique requirements of today’s law firm.

Watch the webinar now to learn how Microsoft and Legal360 are changing the way law firms think about CRM, including:

  • Why law firm CRM has struggled, and why it no longer has to be so challenging
  • Why law firm CRM has struggled, and why it no longer has to be so challenging
  • The convergence of CRM and ERM, and why Legal360 works for law firms
  • How to leverage unique Microsoft technologies for automated relationship intelligence
  • Why next-generation relationship insights are the key to your firm’s business development success

Click HERE to download the presentation document.


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