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    Our expertise lets you focus on what you do best - Serve Your Clients.

Agile Capable Committed

SAGlobal provides Microsoft Dynamics implementation services and industry-specific solutions to customers in over 80 countries worldwide. We’re one of the leading global Microsoft partners and everyday we help over 250000 Dynamics users worldwide to deliver operational excellence and financial performance for their organizations.

We’re a different kind of consulting company. We’re run by consultants not by marketing people or investors. We're agile, committed and capable as we've proven over and over again for our customers.

Get to know SAGlobal and you’ll quickly understand how our commitment to customer success can work for you.

Quick Facts About SAGlobal

Well over 250000 Microsoft Dynamics users supported worldwide
700 employees across 19 countries
SAGlobal 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics
SAGlobal Implemented Microsoft Dynamics in 80 Countries
28 Years of experience in ERP and Business Financial Software
26 offices across 19 countries globally
14 Years of experience in ERP Implementation
9 time Partner of the Year awardee
1 of 7 'Microsoft vetted ISV Development Center
SAGlobal represented in six out of seven continents

The key number there is 14. That’s the average number of years’ experience that one of our consultants has. As you choose a Microsoft Dynamics partner, that’s one of the most important numbers to focus on - you’re about to tackle a complex, mission critical project and experience counts.

SAGlobal US Leadership Team

  • Whit McIsaac

    Whit McIsaac

    CEO, SAGlobal Americas

    Whit McIsaac is the CEO of SAGlobal for the Americas. In July of 2018, Whit merged his AEC360 and Legal360 organizations into SAGlobal to expand the company’s CRM practice, accelerate SAGlobal’s industry verticalization efforts, and to leverage the reach associated with SAGlobal’s worldwide geographic footprint.

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  • Stephen James

    Stephen James

    Global CEO

    Stephen James is the Founder and Group Managing Director of SAGlobal. He has built SAGlobal from a two person operation which started in Belgium in 1990, to a 700 person leading Microsoft Dynamics practice, with presence across six continents and 19 countries. Stephen’s enriching experience of 26 years in the financial software industry has helped him in driving the vision of SAGlobal.

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  • Brian Lounds

    Brian Lounds

    CFO, SAGlobal Americas

    In his role as CFO of SAGlobal for the Americas, Brian Lounds leverages his deep experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to drive excellence in financial services and practice management at SAGlobal. Having worked with Dynamics solutions since 1998, he has a strong understanding of technology solutions and their application to business initiatives.

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  • Oli Gunnarsson

    Oli Gunnarsson

    COO, SAGlobal Americas

    In his role as COO, Oli Gunnarsson oversees the daily operations of SAGlobal’s business for the Americas. He provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

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  • Andy Yeomans

    Andy Yeomans

    EVP of Business Development,
    SAGlobal Americas

    Andy Yeomans leads the SAGlobal Americas sales organization. Andy joined SAGlobal in 2008 at the launch of the US subsidiary.  Under his leadership, the organization has quintupled sales and is consistently recognized by Microsoft as a top performer, winning multiple Microsoft Inner Circle and Partner of the Year awards. 

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  • Dave Hutchinson

    Dave Hutchinson

    EVP of Industry Solutions,
    SAGlobal Americas

    Dave is Executive Vice-President of SAGlobal for the Americas and prior to that was a Co-founder and Principal of 360 Vertical Solutions which included the AEC360 and Legal360 companies. In July of 2018, this organization merged with SAGlobal expanding the Dynamics 365 footprint for both organizations.

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  • Jen Wisemore

    Jen Wisemore

    EVP of Strategic Initiatives,
    SAGlobal Americas

    Jen Wisemore is Executive Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives for SAGlobal in the Americas. Jen was instrumental in the launch of SAGlobal’s US subsidiary in 2007 along with driving the various partnerships that helped create the foundation for the organization’s ongoing growth.

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  • Jan Dahl Sorensen

    Jan Dahl Sorensen

    EVP of Client Success,
    SAGlobal Americas

    Jan Dahl Sorensen’s deep experience with Microsoft Dynamics gives him a unique foundation to guide SAGlobal America’s client success team. As part of the original development team under Damgaard Data, Jan has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions since 1995.

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  • Gary Mills

    Gary Mills

    SVP of Financial Planning,
    SAGlobal Americas

    Gary Mills serves as Senior Vice-President of Finance, Planning & Analysis for SAGlobal, Americas. Gary’s diverse industry background brings a unique perspective to the company, with more than 30 years in corporate finance, banking and commercial real estate.

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  • Joe Stuckey

    Joe Stuckey

    Director of CRM Products

    Joe Stuckey is the Director of CRM Products for SAGlobal, Americas. In July of 2018, Joe was part of the AEC360 and Legal360 organizations merger into SAGlobal to expand the company’s CRM practice, accelerate SAGlobal’s industry verticalization efforts, and to leverage the reach associated with SAGlobal’s worldwide geographic footprint.

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  • Joel Leichty

    Joel Leichty

    Director ERP Products & BI Solutions

    Joel Leichty leads product development for SAGlobal’s ERP vertical solutions and oversees the Business Intelligence & Analytics practice. Joel has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics products since 2002 and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP, an elite group of product experts and community mindshare contributors.

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  • Sean Skiver

    Sean Skiver

    Director of Industry Solutions,
    SAGlobal Americas

    In his role as Director of Industry Solutions for the Americas, Sean Skiver provides strategic leadership in both product development and client delivery services across all of SAGlobal’s CRM and ERP vertical markets.

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    SAGlobal is the 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winner

    What does that mean for you as our customer?

    It means you would be partnering with a company that is the very best of the best in terms of demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology
    It means you would be working with a Partner who has been recognised for delivering superior business value through an award that underlines our capability and lifetime commitment to our customers
    Time Expenses And Collaboration Update
    It means you’re working with the right partner.

    Employees Speak

    SAGlobal’s key customer promise:

    • Agility
    • Capability
    • Commitment

    Watch this video to learn how SAGlobal walks the talk in delivering on this customer promise.

    SAGlobal Clients and Employee Locations

    Wherever you are: Our global reach also represents a wealth of local knowledge on the ground. We don’t just know products, technologies and methodologies; we know local business needs and practices. In many markets, this represents a make or break factor and is the reason many clients tell us they chose to work with SAGlobal.

    Firm Differentiators

    Microsoft Industry leader for Services Industries
    Dedicated Industry R&D team –Strong development resources
    We've focused in the Professional Services industries for over 8 years
    We've established ourselves as industry specialists in project management and accounting business practices
    We've developed our Projects+ industry solution for Dynamics 365 which provides best-in-class ERP functionality for Professional Services firms
    We've implemented Dynamics solutions for more Professional Services organizations than any other Dynamics partners in the word

    Experience Counts

    • An average of 19 years of professional experience
    • An average of over 14 years of ERP software consulting experience
    • An average of over 8 years working with Microsoft Dynamics
    • Many of us have been working with Microsoft Dynamics since v1.0
    • Our experience extends much further than just sales and implementation. As a Super Vendor to Microsoft for outsourced Dynamics development, we're involved in every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics development, from core feature development, to localization versioning, to developing hotfixes and service packs, creating documentation, performing system testing and support - essentially the entire Dynamics product life-cycle

    • Agile
    • Capable
    • Committed
    • Our approach to projects is based on a pragmatic, real-world approach that focuses on delivering value early in the project and then building on this. We work the way that makes sense for you because your project is about your business success and working the way you work is the best way to achieve this.

    • We have deeply experienced business, product and technical consultants but we also have a management team who comes from a consulting background. In fact, you could say we’re a consulting company run by consultants not finance or marketing people.

    • But most important of all, we’re committed to your success. We’re not just committed to meeting your project timeline and budget - we’re committed to building a long-term, trusted advisor partnership with you and to adding value to your business.


    Consistent, Repeatable Customer Success

    Consistent, Repeatable Customer Success

    SAGlobal’s Microsoft Dynamics Practice has been recognized for providing outstanding service and leadership for over a decade.

    • WSP Latin America“SAGlobal helped us deploy an integrated project management and accounting solution that enables more efficient and accurate execution and management of our client projects. Their team quickly understood our needs, and designed a solution that has really helped us better manage our processes.”

      Andres Felipe Ruiz
      WSP Latin America
    • Chemonics“SAGlobal has worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for many years, understands the opportunities and pitfalls of ERP implementations, and helped us see the best way to get through our implementation. We are grateful for their experience, and are benefitting from it.”

      Eric Reading
      Executive Vice President
    • client speak"We chose SAGlobal as our implementation partner based on their experience in implementing Dynamics AX for other multi-national project-based businesses. It was clear from the outset that they understood our requirements."

      Keith Kelson
      Chief Financial Officer

    • saglobal client speak"We chose SAGlobal as our implementation partner based on their experience in the A/E/C industry and their ability to understand even our most complex business requirements.”

      Bill Smith
      Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    • SAGlobal WE Client speak "SAGlobal’s focus on our industry and global reach, coupled with their overall solution, clearly represented the best fit for our organization as an implementation partner.”

      Joe Karceski
      WE Vice President
      Worldwide Controller.
    • saglobal client speak"Our team conducted a thorough evaluation of leading Dynamics AX implementation partners, and selected SAGlobal based on their extensive experience with Dynamics AX. They understood our most critical business requirements and prescribed a solution that met our needs in a way that developed great confidence in their capabilities.”

      Chris Dille
      IT Director of Application Development
      Black Box


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