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Webinar series: Leadership Strategies for Uncertain Times: Service Delivery

Every aspect of managing a professional services business is important, but service delivery is where revenue is generated and profits are made. High-performing firms specifically focus on this area as it yields greater growth, higher client satisfaction and increased profits. For example, consider:

  • High-performing firms complete work on time 17% more often than other firms (85.3% vs. 72.6%)
  • PSOs that use Professional Services Automation solutions average 26% higher profit than those that do not (14.4% vs 11.7%)
  • PSOs that use Professional Services Automation solutions integrated with Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions average 78% higher growth than those that do not (11.0% vs 6.2%)

Watch Part 3 of our webinar series “Leadership Strategies in Uncertain Times”, where Service Performance Insight and SAGlobal will highlight:

  • What top performing PSOs do differently to optimize service delivery.
  • Which key performance metrics, like resource management effectiveness, utilizing a structured delivery methodology, and maintaining budget and schedule control drive efficiency, quality, and profit.
  • See a demonstration of Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 PSA solution that can help you optimize your service delivery.
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